What is SEO for Florists?

SEO for Florists by The White Florist Supplies UK

One of the most common misconceptions is believing that once a website is launched, our website will be automatically found and clients will come to us magically.

Sadly that's not the case at all and it is of the main failures of companies that create websites for Florists. They don't clarify clients of the next steps after a website launch.

Once a website is launched, it is CRUCIAL to work in SEO for it. Otherwise, it won't be found and your sales will be low.

IMPORTANT: SEO is not just a blog post, a directory submission and changing titles and descriptions on 5 pages on your website.

If you are paying for SEO and you are receiving that in a report full or technical jargon, then you are just throwing your money away.

An SEO strategy is different for every website and among other things it should include:

1.Technical SEO: page speed, indexing, SITEMAP review, ROBOTS txt. Canonical tags for pages with similar content... And a long etc...

2.Content ANALYSIS and strategy: writing two posts per month is not content strategy, it is spam in some cases.

3.GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE (formerly known as Google my business).

4.Work with RELEVANT influencers (when applicable).

If you need help OR TRAINING on SEO, get in touch. We don't have "packages", because every business is different. We will tailor a plan that fits in with your objectives, you audience and YOU.

Get in Touch at maria@thefloristsupplies.com or leave us a message here.

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